Will he remember? | nyc newborn photographer

Do you remember your first ever home? Maybe it still exists and you return for holidays and family gatherings or maybe, you only have a few faded photographs that capture the time you spent there. If you’re like me, you love pouring over the details in those photos. Even seemingly minor things like the color of the walls or the pillows on the couch seem to mean so much. I guess who doesn’t love peeking back in time. This family is not far off from a move out of the city. So we spent some time capturing this little man in his first ever home.

NYC newborn_20190525_014.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_041.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_024.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_007.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_039.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_022.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_061.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_058.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_047.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_053.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_028.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_011.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_042.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_057.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_012.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_056.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_046.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_008.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_036.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_029.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_045.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_038.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_016.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_035.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_052.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_017.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_025.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_030.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_051.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_018.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_060.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_023.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_005.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_026.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_049.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_033.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_006.jpg
NYC newborn_20190525_044.jpg