Not far from where we lay our head | brookyln family photographer

Just coming off of a couple weeks doing very little but lying in bed. I guess I should be thankful that the season of sickness coincides with the slow season for family photographers. Spending so much time indoors makes me stir crazy for sure and I can’t wait for the weather to warm to happily spend more time outdoors. But in the meantime, indoor family sessions with a quick pop up to the roof are the name of the game. Thankfully in home sessions are some of my favorites.

Brooklyn Family Photographer_01262019_04.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer_01262019_01.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer_01262019_05.jpg
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Brooklyn Family Photographer_01262019_21.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer_01262019_27.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer_01262019_43.jpg
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Turn a different corner | dumbo family photographer

So you want to hold a family photo session in Dumbo. You and the thousands of other families, couples, birthday kids, fashionistas, bloggers, and deep-pocketed commercial producers. It’s popular. That goes unsaid. But Dumbo has so much to offer that’s also off the beaten path. If you’re willing to walk down a completely unpopulated street, you might find some surprises. You know this guy? He’s got a mural in Dumbo now, but it’s not at the waterfront (wink).

Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_003.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_031.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_019.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_027.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_004.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_040.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_013.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_043.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_008.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_012.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_032.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_030.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_018.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_005.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_046.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_015.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_006.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_035.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_034.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_016.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_044.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_022.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_037.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_045.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_001.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_011.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_041.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_010.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_038.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_024.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_029.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_048.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_002.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_017.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_014.jpg
Dumbo Family Photographer-10202018_047.jpg