Five Years Later | nyc family photographer

If you've been following along, you might know that I've been experimenting this spring and summer with new photo techniques. You might also know that I rarely photograph couples without some evidence of their progeny in the picture. Well kismet occurred when I learned that a friend's wedding photos were all lost at precisely the time I was strategizing my next experimental session. So they put on their wedding outfits, we went to the East Village (their pre-kid stomping ground) and we created a bit of wedding portrait magic...five years after the fact. In this session I again tinkered with double exposures, shooting through things (plastic bags, prisms, twinkle lights) and a Lensbaby Edge. Damn I love taking in the East Village.  

NYC Photographer-06162018_014.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_047.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_007.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_011.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_004.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_024.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_046.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_030.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_018.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_016.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_009.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_026.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_035.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_049.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_033.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_022.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_044.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_043.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_010.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_029.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_013.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_034.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_042.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_048.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_008.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_028.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_025.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_041.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_032.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_003.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_021.jpg

We also spent some time on a rooftop in Brooklyn. This is where the twinkle lights came in. 

NYC Photographer-06162018_067.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_051.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_054.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_062.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_065.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_059.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_052.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_055.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_066.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_057.jpg

The end. 

Big kids | new york city photographer

A dear friend of mine got married at City Hall last week. I took a few photos. This was the hottest day in NYC this summer and so we only spent about 15 minutes outside before heading into the hall. Chinatown is an amazing backdrop, would love to shoot there again maybe on a day that isn't 95 degrees in the shade.

They came to New York

She was working here for a bit this summer and he joined for a visit. They had lots of NYC adventures planned, and managed to sneak in some photos in Central Park just before a twinkle light sail on the Hudson. It's not often that I photograph two people that are clearly so excited to be together. I can't help but smile looking over these again.

When it rains...

Every so often I have the opportunity to photograph folks who pass the 3 ft mark. And as luck would have it, every so often it rains during a planned session. Thankfully, this combo can make for some fun photos. Three cheers to the charming duo from Banana and the Baron for playing along! Some neighborhood friends might recognize this mustachioed man from the music class extravaganza that is Jitterbugs. And you thought he kept all his antics inside the classroom. New album this Fall? Who's excited?!


Big Kids May Also Apply

Occasionally I have the opportunity to point a camera at folks who are decidedly taller than my average clientele. This duo spent the afternoon with me in various spots throughout Cobble Hill and Red Hook. Some of my favorite spots to take you away from the bustle of the city, if only via optical illusion.