At home in The Rockaways | nyc family photographer

I'll admit, I have a soft spot for sessions that are held at home. Incorporating a family's daily environment, where so much time is spent, adds a layer of meaning to photos that aim to capture "who we are right now." NYC has no shortage of interesting and beautiful locations, but sometimes the most interesting and most beautiful are the playroom, the kitchen, the front steps, the street you live on, etc. I photographed this family after they moved from Brooklyn to their new home in The Rockaways. We also made it to the beach down the block. DOWN THE BLOCK! 

Rockaways Family Photographer-06172018_013.jpg
Rockaways Family Photographer-06172018_043.jpg
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Five Years Later | nyc family photographer

If you've been following along, you might know that I've been experimenting this spring and summer with new photo techniques. You might also know that I rarely photograph couples without some evidence of their progeny in the picture. Well kismet occurred when I learned that a friend's wedding photos were all lost at precisely the time I was strategizing my next experimental session. So they put on their wedding outfits, we went to the East Village (their pre-kid stomping ground) and we created a bit of wedding portrait magic...five years after the fact. In this session I again tinkered with double exposures, shooting through things (plastic bags, prisms, twinkle lights) and a Lensbaby Edge. Damn I love taking in the East Village.  

NYC Photographer-06162018_014.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_047.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_007.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_011.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_004.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_024.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_046.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_030.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_018.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_016.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_009.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_026.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_035.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_049.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_033.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_022.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_044.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_043.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_010.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_029.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_013.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_034.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_042.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_048.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_008.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_028.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_025.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_041.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_032.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_003.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_021.jpg

We also spent some time on a rooftop in Brooklyn. This is where the twinkle lights came in. 

NYC Photographer-06162018_067.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_051.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_054.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_062.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_065.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_059.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_052.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_055.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_066.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_057.jpg

The end.