Experiments in the West Village | brooklyn baby photographer

For my latest adventure in trying new things, I've been incorporating different lenses and techniques to create images that have a bit of an unexpected feel to them. There's never enough time for personal projects, and I could have spent all day taking these photos in the timelessly beautiful West Village. See if you can spot the effects in some of these (hint - involved a lens baby, a prism, and double exposures). And thank you to my patient and beautiful subjects :). More of these experiments to come! 

Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_37.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_10.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_15.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_29.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_43.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_22.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_38.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_50.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_16.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_09.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_36.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_30.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_53.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_28.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_03.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_55.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_06.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_33.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_31.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_07.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_57.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_11.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_59.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_18.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_42.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_49.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_27.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_34.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_47.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_21.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_02.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_26.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_17.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_05.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_41.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_04.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_14.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_12.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_45.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_58.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_40.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_08.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_23.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_32.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_19.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-05112018_54.jpg

4 weeks | brooklyn newborn photographer

A month later, we are still very much in the newborn phase of life, but parents have got a bit more figured out. There are systems for feeding, changing and sleeping.  The strange nap-time grunts and zoo like symphonics that were once alarming are now endearing. And even though everyone is sleeping a lot less, the newborn smell still lingers. 4 weeks is a bit of a sweet spot I'd say :). 

Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_01.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_40.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_08.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_10.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_14.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_28.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_30.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_44.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_22.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_26.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_37.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_19.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_17.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_32.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_50.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_38.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_24.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_11.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_41.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_06.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_49.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_45.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_33.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_09.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_47.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_35.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_12.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_31.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_43.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_21.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_25.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_18.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_48.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_36.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_05.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_34.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_42.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_46.jpg
Brooklyn Newborn Photographer-05112018_02.jpg



Mornings with...(series 3) | brooklyn family photographer

This is my final session in this series (for now, heh heh), documenting the morning routine of a family in Brooklyn. I've so enjoyed this project, not only from a photography perspective, but because of the time - the time to explore, to take it slow, to get to know my subjects even more, and to find the little stories that make up this seemingly mundane, but beautifully particular part of their lives.  I've known Susannah Ludwig of Portraits that Move for a while now, but this was the first time I've hung out with her son, and the two of them together. 

Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_29.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_04.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_35.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_14.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_07.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_34.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_44.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_31.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_25.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_17.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_22.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_09.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_27.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_39.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_38.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_37.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_19.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_30.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_13.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_12.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_21.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_03.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_43.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_28.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_15.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_16.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_01.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_10.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_33.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_40.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_42.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_32.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_26.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_23.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_18.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_41.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_11.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_36.jpg
Brooklyn Family Photographer-04212018_05.jpg