7 weeks old | brooklyn newborn photographer

When is the best time to photograph a newborn?  This little lady was nearing the 2 month mark when we met. She was awake, made lots of eye contact, smiled sometimes, and slept sometimes too. You're not always feeling up to a photo shoot in the couple weeks after the baby is born.  It's ok to wait :). 

Brooklyn Baby Photographer-11252017_02.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-11252017_16.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-11252017_19.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-11252017_41.jpg
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Brooklyn Baby Photographer-11252017_32.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-11252017_48.jpg
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Brooklyn Baby Photographer-11252017_52.jpg
Brooklyn Baby Photographer-11252017_03.jpg
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Brooklyn Baby Photographer-11252017_43.jpg
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Brooklyn Baby Photographer-11252017_01.jpg
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Brooklyn Baby Photographer-11252017_44.jpg
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Newborn sessions - all outside - ish | brooklyn newborn photographer

Can it be done? Indeed! Sometimes a session indoors at home doesn't work, it doesn't have enough light, or you're in the middle of major renovations, or you're just not loving your place. We can still capture the early newborn days! This session started with some backyard and front stoop photos and continued with a walk around the neighborhood. It was a bit chilly so we cheated a bit and stopped indoors at a local restaurant that was beaming with natural light. Here's to more time outside with the wee one! 

Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_40.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_44.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_17.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_09.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_12.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_15 copy.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_49.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_02.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_24.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_07.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_27.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_43.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_41.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_52.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_46.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_10.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_16.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_21.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_05.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_01.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_26.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_34.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_22.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_31.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_28.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_50.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_30.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_42.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_33.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_08.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_45.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_36.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_19.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_35.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_14.jpg
Brooklyn newborn photographer-11212017_39.jpg