Five Years Later | nyc family photographer

If you've been following along, you might know that I've been experimenting this spring and summer with new photo techniques. You might also know that I rarely photograph couples without some evidence of their progeny in the picture. Well kismet occurred when I learned that a friend's wedding photos were all lost at precisely the time I was strategizing my next experimental session. So they put on their wedding outfits, we went to the East Village (their pre-kid stomping ground) and we created a bit of wedding portrait magic...five years after the fact. In this session I again tinkered with double exposures, shooting through things (plastic bags, prisms, twinkle lights) and a Lensbaby Edge. Damn I love taking in the East Village.  

NYC Photographer-06162018_014.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_047.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_007.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_011.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_004.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_024.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_046.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_030.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_018.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_016.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_009.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_026.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_035.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_049.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_033.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_022.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_044.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_043.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_010.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_029.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_013.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_034.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_042.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_048.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_008.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_028.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_025.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_041.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_032.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_003.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_021.jpg

We also spent some time on a rooftop in Brooklyn. This is where the twinkle lights came in. 

NYC Photographer-06162018_067.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_051.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_054.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_062.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_065.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_059.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_052.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_055.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_066.jpg
NYC Photographer-06162018_057.jpg

The end.